Quickest in Serbia (and beyond)
Results of paternity testing can be ready the next working day!

Most accurate
We are the only laboratory in the region that analyses 22 loci by default, others usually analyse 15 loci. This significantly increases the accuracy of results.

Quality assurance
Be absolutely certain of the result of your test. Testing in our lab is done by permanent court expert witnesses, and the results include full DNA profiles and corresponding statistical calculations.
For paternity testing (as well as kinship and ancestry testing) it is necessary to provide biological material for analysis (for example, samples of the potential father and child). From these samples we obtain DNA profiles that are then compared to determine paternity. 
We can take samples in the laboratory, or you can bring them along or send them by post/courier. 
If necessary, the result can be valid in court, in which case all persons should come to our laboratory in person, with their identity documents (identity card or passport; for minors please bring a birth certificate or health card). 
The most common sample we analyse is a swab from the inside of the cheek (buccal swab), although other biological material can be analysed too. 
In the laboratory we take buccal swabs. It is not necessary to take other samples (eg blood), because DNA is the same everywhere, and we will get the same result. 
Samples need not be the same for all individuals analysed (for example, we can analyse swab samples from the father and fingernails from the child).