Results of DNA forensics
Cooperation with courts
In Serbia we work with over 40 courts, as well as with court in neighboring countries.

Service quality
Our prices are based on tariffs established by state-owned DNA laboratories. We are particularly proud of the speed and quality of our results.

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For more information you may call us on +381 (0)11 218 2111.
After reviewing the submitted biological material, sampling, determining DNA profiles (disputable and undisputable), the findings are written up in a report that contains the following information on the obtained DNA profiles: 
  • Number of loci
  • Minimum number of people who are donors of biological material
  • Genders of people who are donors of biological material
  • Existence of the dominant components - whether one person has left more biological material than others in a biological trace
  • Matching of DNA profiles obtained from undisputable and/or disputable traces
  • Statistical calculations. If there is a match between disputable and undisputable sample (ie if the undisputable DNA profile is contained the DNA profiles obtained from the crime scene) we compute a so-called "likelihood ratio" (LR). A more detailed description of the LR follows.
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