Laboratorija DNK
Marka Oreškovića 1
(near Đeram Greenmarket)
11109 Beograd

Tel: +381 (0)11 218 2111
Mob: +381 (0)65 218 2111
Human health 
Genetic disorders 
QF-PCR 13.000Cytogenetics 20.000Complete prenatal test (QF-PCR and cytogenetics) 30.000 
Other genetic tests 
Deep vein thrombosis I 10.000(factor V Leiden (G1691A/R506Q), factor II (protrombin G20210A), MTHFR (C677T) i PAI-1 (4G/5G)) 
Deep vein thrombosis II 12.500(factor V Leiden (G1691A/R506Q), factor V (H1299R), factor II (protrombin G20210A), MTHFR (C677T), MTHFR (A1298C) i PAI-1 (4G/5G)) 
Cystic fibrosis 15.000Y chromosome microdeletion 10.000Hemochromatosis 10.000Karyotype 9.000 
Human papilloma virus 
Genotyping of 16 HPV types 10.000 
HPV + additional pathogens (mycoplasma, chlamydia, ureaplasma, and / or gardnerella) 
HPV + any one pahtogen 11.000Each additional pathogen 500 
Sexually transmitted diseases 
Mycoplasma, chlamydia, ureaplasma, and / or gardnerella 
STD1 (any single pathogen) 7.500STD2 (any two pathogens) 8.000STD3 (any three pathogens) 8.500STD4 (all four pathogens) 9.000Surcharge for analysing urine samples (men only) 1.000 
Paternity testing 
Father and one child 26.000Each additional person (child, mother, etc) 8.000Result valid in court 10.000Result on next working day 10.000 
Kinship and ancestry 
Y chromosome DNA profile 13.000DNA identification profile 13.000Testing two people 26.000Each additional person (third person onwards) 8.000Result on next working day 10.000 
Determining presence of biological material 
Test for the presence of sperm 5.000Test for the presence of blood 5.000 
Determining DNA profiles 
Result within three working days. 
Undisputable samples - buccal swabs or blood from a person whose identity is known 
DNA identification profile 13.000 
Disputable samples - all other biological samples (cigarette butts, chewing gum, hair, etc.). 
DNA identification profile 18.000 
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