Paternity & kinship
Quickest in Serbia (and beyond)
Results of paternity testing can be ready the next working day!

Most accurate
We are the only laboratory in the region that analyses 22 loci by default, others usually analyse 15 loci. This significantly increases the accuracy of results.

Quality assurance
Be absolutely certain of the result of your test. Testing in our lab is done by permanent court expert witnesses, and the results include full DNA profiles and corresponding statistical calculations.
DNA testing is the only reliable and highly accurate test to determine paternity or kinship. It is also possible to determine ancestry by analysing the male DNA (Y chromosome). 
Genetic material is inherited from biological parents. Paternity and kinship testing is based on the comparison of DNA profiles of those tested. The test involves the appropriate biostatistical calculations. 
Paternity can also be established prenatally (before the baby is born), after 10 weeks of pregnancy. 
The results obtained in our laboratory can be valid in court as the tests are done by court expert witnesses who have participated in more than 1.000 court cases.