Cooperation with courts
In Serbia we work with over 40 courts, as well as with court in neighboring countries.

Service quality
Our prices are based on tariffs established by state-owned DNA laboratories. We are particularly proud of the speed and quality of our results.

Contact us
For more information you may call us on +381 (0)11 218 2111.
DNA analysis is an indispensable method for the identification of biological evidence for forensic purposes. Our lab provides services to courts, detective agencies, law firms and individuals
Professional staff 
Our experts have had years of experience in our lab as well as the DNA lab of the Serbian Ministry of Interior. They are entered in the Register of court experts, and have experience of over 1.000 legal cases. They have completed specialised training in the field of forensic DNA analysis and possess EU certificates issued by professor Bernd Brinkmann. 
We regularly participate in international forensic lab testing conducted by the Institute of Forensic Genetics in Münster, Germany and have GEDNAP certificates to confirm the quality of our work. 
Forensic DNA analysis 
With forensic DNA analysis, it is possible to unambiguously determine to whom a biological trace belongs. This method is highly specific and sensitive, a DNA profile can be obtained from very small amounts of biological material. 
Any type of biological material of human origin can be used for DNA analysis. Traces most frequently analysed are: 
  • Blood stains;
  • Saliva (cigarette butts, used cups, bottles, cans, chewing gum, toothbrushes etc.)
  • Sperm (vaginal swabs, underwear, discarded condoms, linen etc.)
  • Skin cells that can be found on objects a person has used;
  • Pulled out hairs.
Forensic DNA analysis is based on determining forensic DNA profiles (obtained from biological evidence) and their comparison with the DNA profiles of persons suspected to have left the trace.